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Holy Land Pilgrimage

Land of Peace is inviting you to a spiritual journey you will never forget!

Join us on a ten-day spiritual journey focusing on the life and times of Jesus, ” walking where Jesus Walked.”

Land of Peace partnered with Good Shepherd Travel agency.

Good Shepherd Travel was established to provide a quality option for Christians to have a truly comprehensive, spiritual pilgrimage that would allow participants to truly understand the Holy Land. It’s not enough to simply to be chaperoned from site to site and be told what you are looking at. A true pilgrimage allows for the pilgrim to enrich their knowledge and understanding of the sites important to their faith and to experience their faith through the five senses of hearing, taste, touch, smell, and sight.

Good Shepherd Travel facilitates a pilgrimage by handling all the details of your tour, including the program itinerary, ground arrangements (including guides, transportation, accommodation and meals), and any special requests to visit a particular site, meet with a particular religious order or individual, or to fix a simple request, such as stopping a little longer at a particular site that has a special meaning to the group or an individual pilgrim.

Each pilgrimage must reflect the unique characteristics and nature of the particular group, and we will work with you and your faith community to make sure that it happens.
Good Shepherd Travel uses Christian guides, and Christian-owned hotels, restaurants, shops and other service providers whenever and wherever possible, as a means to support the local Christian community.

Land of Peace and Good Shepherd Travel is ready to make your pilgrimage to the Holy Land the spiritual experience that will be a life-changing moment for you, your friends, family, faith community and fellow pilgrims.

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    Good Shepherd Travel

    Good Shepherd Travel is owned and run by local Christians in Bethlehem. They are more than happy to customize your pilgrimage trip to meet your specific travel needs

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