Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands

Land of Peace and our Pilgrimage to the holy lands and what makes us unique…..

In line with its ongoing effort to sustain, empower and bring life to the holy Land, Land of Peace and its pilgrims from our country have come to the aide of Palestinian refugees in the Holy Lands. Your exhilarating trip in the footsteps of Jesus, where Christianity began will assist us in our ultimate goal of protecting and strengthening the christian community. In some families date their heritage back more than 1500 years.

Our organizations immediate goal is assisting Christians with the diminishing healthcare. We have established partnerships with christian based tour companies that are working in unison with this vision to discount our first class pilgrimage packages to the Holy Lands that will change your life but also benefit from peace of mind that a portion of your proceeds go to somewhere gracious and merciful. To assist our mission in the raising funds to build the Charity Hospital in the Holy Lands.

Why choose us to plan your pilgrimage vs any tour company? 

That answer is very simple…

To begin, who does not desire to see the holy lands?

Who has not considered it because its either a time constraint to plan such a trip?

Who has not considered it due to financial constraints?

We have that all covered!

  • We have native educated christian tour guides whom of which are more knowledgeable about the land, Architecture, history and the story’s of our holy book. They are more knowledgeable and trained on how best to make your trip a unique experience with personal attention to each and every member of your group. Not one pilgrimage can be the same and there is never enough time to take it all in.
  • Our tour companies are all family orientated and treat you not as tourist but as “family”
  • The hotels we book are all christian owned and operated.
  • We dine at christian based restaurants where the cuisine and choices are considerably as ethnic or simple as your palate desires.
  • Upon the preparation of your pilgrimage, you can take great comfort in knowing that the tour companies we are partnered with are fully bonded and insured.
  • We have a refundable payment policy implemented up until 90 days prior to departure. Other than $300.00 reservation fee and a payment of $750.00 , 2 months later. You choose your payment budget according to what fits you. Some restrictions may apply, such as a pilgrimages booked within 90 days.

As your pilgrimage coordinator, I provide personalized hospitality to each and every person who make the reservation for the pilgrimage. Starting with travel credentials, progress of your itinerary and hotel bookings, and easy and affordable online payment options, and any other progressions to your trip…… I will be available every step of the way!

We will create your once in a lifetime adventure to the Holy Lands life altering with the most regent service available. It will be life altering for you and the financial stability for Christians in the birthplace of Christianity. 







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