To establish a Charity Hospital in the Holy Land

Establishing a Charity Hospital in Palestine will help the residents of Bethlehem who are poor and sick, get the medical attention they need and deserve.  We are trying to improve the lives of people still in this region and whom have not immigrate out just to get the medicine or medical care that they may need to get better. When a sick or poor person walks in the door of current medical facilities, they are expected to pay upfront cost, and due to poverty and conflict are turned away without getting the help or medicine they need to get better, so by building a Charity Hospital we can ease the minds of these individuals and give them comfort in knowing there is help.

To support the Community and the special needs people in the


Land of Peace wants to empower and serve people in need of specialized supports by providing innovative services that improve their ability to live fulfilling lives in the community. Everyone needs someone to talk to at one time or another. When relationships, fears, anxieties or finances become overwhelming, a compassionate, objective ear can help you find your way. By building a Charity Hospital we can provide counseling, psychological testing, evaluation and medication review to individuals suffering from mental health challenges. Helping families struggling with these difficulties, who think there is no help, will feel and be better individuals in the community by worrying less about their illness and focusing more on their families.

To help the community families from not immigrating

outside the Palestine

Keeping  families in their birthplace is an essential task Land of Peace wants to accomplish.  Building this Charity Hospital will stop the people from leaving Bethlehem and going to Jordan or even out of the country to get the proper medical attention or care they need to get better.  Imagine having to leave your birthplace to get a surgery you might need, or for cancer treatment, it would be a life changing experience especially if you can not leave due to financial circumstances, you would feel the battle of your illness has won.  Giving the people a place to go in their homeland with the Charity Hospital will make the people feel the battle of their illness can be beaten.

To support the poor and the needy families in

Bethlehem area to survive

Getting the medical attention the people need is the way to survive, without medical attention it is a devastating defeat. Many people who are poor do not feel that they can get treatment because of their economic status.  A Charity Hospital can give them the push to walk through the Hospital doors knowing their needs can be met without the anxiety of wondering How am I going to pay for this. Many people who are poor just give up. We at Land of Peace don’t want them to do so.  We want to give them a new way of understanding and respect for all people.

To create more opportunities within the community

for jobs

Establishing a Charity Hospital will create many opportunities for the people in Bethlehem to obtain jobs.  The construction of the building can help create positions as well as jobs when the hospital is finished.  The people of Bethlehem were able to work in Israel with no problems, after the wall was built the Israeli Government requires a visa to enter the city and they do not give them out lightly.  Having the hospital in their homeland will bring many people to receive jobs.

To assist the poor students to obtain a college level

education by providing scholarships

Many young students finish high school but because of the financial circumstances they can not proceed on to college.  With the help of Land of Peace we can help these intelligent and eager students by sponsoring them with scholarships and funding to attend college to get a college degree. The youth is our future and we must keep our future soaring. Keeping our children interested in school to become productive members of the community and to make our world a better place.

To support Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation


BASR has worked progressively upon its commitment to enhance the overall quality of life of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, inspired by its mission for their total inclusion into all aspects of community life.  Since its inception, BASR has diligently developed innovative programs and services that meet the emerging needs of the Palestinian community. They provide comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services it renders to beneficiaries from different parts of Palestine, particularly those with disabilities regardless of the gender, age, religion or social class.

To support the orphanage center in Bethlehem

Fr Antonio Belloni, a priest of the Latin Patriarchate who in 1863 founded a “Catholic Orphanage” to host poor and abandoned Christian boys, to give them a good education and professional skills. Over the years, the training programs have become broader and updated, following the context and the needs of the people.

The orphanage carries out a range of educational, pastoral and social activities to support the local community, both Christians and Muslims. They run a technical school and a professional training center in the service of the youth in Palestine. They also officiate the pastoral work at the Sacred Heart Church and carry on the activities at the Oratory (Youth Center) , offering daily educational activities and games of various kinds, together with other activities such as theater, sports, scouting, and choral music.

Create job opportunities for craftsmen and to

encourage apprenticeships

Having unique skills to create artifacts or high quality products is something everyone wants.  Helping craftsmen and encouraging them to take on an apprenticeship will keep these quality workers and their craft and skill to be displayed throughout the world and create profit.  Giving encouragement to the young craftsmen for their skills, can give them the drive to continue and show their beautiful crafts.


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